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    I want to capture photos for you that you will cherish for a lifetime. The kids- chubby baby rolls, sticky fingers, dirty faces, barefeet running through mud, the grassy fields, exploring outside, being wild and free. You and your love -hugs, kisses, the love between you.  I want to capture your family as it is.


    We will start with the posed photos and then move on to the candids. Following the kids around, getting on their level, watching them be themselves. These are my favorites. The ones that show your personality and life. I want to tell your story. I want my photos to be more than just digital files. I want them on your walls, on your fridge, in your holiday cards, on your coffee table, etc.


    I prefer to shoot in the late afternoon/evenings -1-2 hours before sunset especially during the summer. The golden hour light is gorgeous and makes a beautiful coloring for photos. I shoot mainly outdoors in natural light. 





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